In 2019, thanks to our generous individual supporters and grants, we were able to give out twice as much money as anticipated! No words can express how grateful we feel.

2019 -  Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Lighthouse Writers Workshop is a non-profit organization that provides artistic education, support, and community for writers and readers in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. They strive to ensure that literature maintains its proper prominence in the culture, and that individuals achieve their fullest potential as artists and human beings.

Lighthouse will be using the funds to provide tuition for veterans who know the healing power of writing, who want a serious forum for pushing themselves as writers, who need business and development opportunities, and who wish to participate in programs that carry a tuition that is prohibitive to them. Amount: $5,000


2019 -  Project Sanctuary

We continued to support Project Sanctuary because of their proven results. 89% of their funding goes directly to their programs. Over 90% of the 1,100 families they have served are still in tact. They have lost two soldiers to suicide of the 4,200 individuals served. We are proud to continue our relationship with this outstanding organization. Amount: $15,000

2018 -  Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary supports families in their journey to reconnect and heal. They are a recognized leader in bringing health and wellness to military families. More than 1,000 families have participated in Project Sanctuary's six day retreats. Of the 3,800 individuals served to date, Project Sanctuary has lost only one to suicide.

We chose Project Sanctuary because of their proven results. The therapy they provide shows measurable successes. In 2017, Project Sanctuary launched a mentoring program in honor of the veteran they lost to suicide that offers specific post-traumatic stress disorder tools and mentor opportunities. Amount: $10,000

2017 - The Home Front Cares

The first grant ever awarded by Prevent and Prevail was given to The Home Front Cares. This organization is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Michael's home after discharge from the army. The Home Front Cares provides grants, not loans, to vetted military service members needing emergency assistance to stay in their homes, pay utility bills, fix a car, etc.

We chose The Home Front Cares due to the organization's ability to immediately impact the lives of veterans, they approve many of their grants in less than 24 hours. Amount: $10,000